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  • 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013
Time: 19-22
Live: Wren Turco (IT/US), Foxy Music & Katakomb
Free admission

Wren Turco operates under the process name “ocular sculpture” and portrays two- and tree dimensional photographic sculptures using analog photographic material. Finestra consists of a series of handmade slides that explore an anachronic world of semiotic shapes, through imperfect geometry and transparency. This is the pop-up version of a full-scale exhibition that will take place in Miami later this fall.

The evening presents Turco’s chaotic industrial soundscapes, a live premiere of Henrik Wallin’s (Skeppet, Kosmisk Väg) solo project Foxy Music, and ex-Malmö-based cello-mangler Ola Lindefelt’s noise project Katakomb.

Thanks to Folkuniversitetet.