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  • 2013

August 2–24, 2013
Time: Friday (12-19) & Saturday (11-18)
Free admission

Good Press was etablished in Glasgow in October 2011, aiming to provide an independent space for visual art by new and established international artists. Currently based at Mono, next door to Monorail Music, Good Press stocks hundreds of self- and independently published books, zines, prints, comic books, magazines and other printed matter from individuals and publishers across the world.

In August, Good Press will make a guest-appearance at KRETS. They will bring a large selection of books, zines and other printed matter, plus present several exhibitions, film screenings and artist talks.

Participating artists: Cali Thornhill-Dewitt, Jamie Shaw, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Jesse Spears, Neil Chapman, Nickolas Mohanna, Ola Ståhl, Sofia Leiby and Tine Bek.

Keep an eye on Good Press’ website for program and updates: www.goodpressgallery.co.uk