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  • 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Time: 19-22 (performance at 20.00)
Free admission

The writer Pär Thörn presents and reads from his new book. Books to special prices, book signings and refreshments. Several of the comic book artists/illustrators will be present.

About the book:
In Ordningen upprätthålls alltid (Apart Förlag) people die like flies. Greediness and violence speaks their clear language. Paranoia, suspiciousness and revenge rule. Here, the reader is introduced to inventive letter bombers, gullible undercover cops, alienated bank robbers and misunderstood poets who want to leave literature behind and proceed into full action. Authentic court cases gather with insane fantasy freaks.

This is Pär Thörn’s first detective story, illustrated by a number of Sweden’s most renowned comic book artists.

Trailer for the book: http://youtu.be/pg-QS9Noxto

Daniel Ahlgren, Jonas Anderson, Kim W. Andersson, Natalia Batista, Jenny Berggrund, 
Malin Biller, Henrik Bromander, Fanny M. Bystedt, Ruben Dahlstrand, Joakim Gunnarsson, 
Dennis Gustafsson, Yvette Gustafsson, Allan Haverholm, Stina Hjelm, Oscar Hjelmgren, 
Hedvig Häggman-Sund, Elin Jonsson, Lars Krantz, Nicolas Krizan, Jan Kustfält, Pontus 
Lundkvist, Lisa Medin, Wendy Miroslaw, Rebecka Niklasson, Thomas Olsson, Ragnar 
Persson, Josefin Svenske, Nina von Rüdiger, Jimmy Wallin and Richard Williams.