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  • 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013
Time: 17-22
Free admission

PME-Art, headed by Jacob Wren, ask questions regarding memory, history, things that may or may not exist, songwriting, the internet and popular culture. During one evening, Wren will perform every song he has ever written. Come and go as you like! There will also be snacks and refreshments.

Every Song I’ve Ever Written:
From 1985 to 2004 Jacob Wren wrote songs. Lots and lots of songs. Then he stopped completely. At the time not very many had heard them. In a way, because hardly anyone heard them, one might say that these songs don’t yet exist. In his solo performance at KRETS, Wren will perform all songs in a chronological order, which will take about five hours. When put all together, these songs form a picture not just of Wren’s life, but also of the decades during which they were written. To Band Night, which will takes place at Skånes Konstförening on Wednesday December 4, he has invited five local bands to perform one song each. Afterwards they will be interviewed about their interpretations.

Focusing on artistic collaboration, the work of PME-Art is an ongoing process of questioning the world, of finding the courage to say things about the current predicament that are direct and complex, of interrogating the performance situation. With Every Song I’ve Ever Written their hope is to raise a few questions about what songwriting is all about today, what songs mean on the Internet and to also take a sidelong glance back at the recent past.

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Montréal-based PME-Art have over the years found their own niche and gathered a big fanbase in both Montréal and Europe. Many consider Jacob Wren as one of the most important voices on the contemporary performance scene.

PME-Art: www.pme-art.ca
Jacob Wren’s blog: www.radicalcut.blogspot.com
The project website: www.everysongiveeverwritten.com