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  • 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Time: 19.00
Live: B. Bung, Jonas Fust & guest
Free admission

Where Did This Begin? is a book about Testbild! from Malmö and the second publication by Bläck Charm Nostalgi Vassa Tänder. It tells the story about more than a decade of progressive pop music, abstract ideas and art collectivism. It also includes a long interview, with texts in Swedish and English, documentations of the projects Proof of Life, Imagine a Balloon and A Second Sun, and a detailed discography.

An exclusive and luxorious edition (30 copies) of Where Did This Begin? will be available this evening. A soundtrack to the book can be downloaded on www.bcnvt.bandcamp.com


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Thanks to Folkuniversitetet.