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  • 2013

July 20–23, 2013
Time: 12-18 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Beta-release Tuesday, July 23 (18-21), lecture at 19.00
Free admission

Peder Alexis Olsson and Drucksache visit KRETS for a couple of days in order to investigate and produce Tennis – a book that consists of the lines of the tennis court, including the net, in scale 1:1. Tennis (beta) is the beginning of a publication in several phases, which will continue this fall.

Excerpts from Olsson’s PowerPoint lecture “Linjens genealogi”: regarding the line as a notion and graphic representation, regarding politics, cartography, grammatical – or semantic – disturbances, and tennis: ”When I developed the diagram for my debut book Tändstickor from 2008, I wanted to show the underlying structure that forms a poetry collection, where different poems correspond with each other. But I wanted to show this in a pure graphic way, with lines, in order to highlight the connections of different directions in the text, but also to deconstruct the sense of time, chronology and the linear construction. A sort of metafictional chronophobia. (…) My thought was: can one erase all text and instead only show a structure – emptied of content (except this very structure itself)? That is, the very dispositive preconditions, or simply, the dispositive? Tennis is an aim towards that.”

Peder Alexis Olsson is a poet based in Malmö. Drucksache is a publication studio based in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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