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  • 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Time: 19.00
Live: Erik De Vahl, Johan G. Winther & SKOGAR
Free admission

About Johan G. Winther:
Johan G. Winther (also member of Scraps of Tape & Blessings) releases his third full-length album on Kalligrammofon (the first under his own name). With his experimental approach and constant progression, Johan has become known for freely moving between different musical expressions: from acoustic droning to blue-toned electronics, via folk tunes and guitar-based improvisations. The title of the new album is Troubled Morrows and within his oeuvre, it probably stands out as the most accessible he has ever done: fingerpicking, song and drones.

Listen to the song Patient Friend from the new album:

About Erik De Vahl:
Erik De Vahl was born in Kramfors, has for a long time been based in Gothenburg, but recently moved to Skåne (in the south of Sweden). After a couple of album releases on the former label Service, Erik has released a bunch of CD-Rs and cassettes, self-published as well as on labels such as Kning Disk and Zeon Light. The expression has become more direct, but Eric’s soulful pop music carries a low-intensity power. And as someone said: ”Erik de Vahl sounds as pure as newly melted snow every time he sets out for a new falsetto.

SKOGAR is a sound project by the artist Johannes Brander. Surreal and primitively raw soundtracks for the new New age cult. Aside from SKOGAR, Johannes is involved in band such as Crystal Crypt, Wild Flowers, The Swamp, Heathers/Hollows, etc. SKOGAR has appeared in Gothenburg’s underground music scene for quite some time now, with obscure releases on e.g. his own label Native Parts Records, on which home-made relaxation tapes, dark hypnotic singles and weird field recordings, overlap with long experimental passages and rituals.

About Kalligrammofon:
Kalligrammofon is a label for pop music, experimental music and experimental pop music. Established in 2006 and based in Malmö. Previous releases include works by Testbild!, Death And Vanilla, V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble and others.