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  • 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Time: 19.00
Free admission

KRETS breaks the summer break with two No Wave-fueled gigs: UFOFBI from Stockholm and Pets or Food from Malmö/Skivarp.

With the basic setup of guitar, bass and drums, the trio UFOFBI – comprised of Rebecca Digby, Jefferey Kriksciun and Kevin Luna – is fluid and changing with who plays what, when and how. Influenced by movements such as No Wave in the 70s, they strive towards the romantic absurdity of 50’s bubblegum pop and early country music.The gig is accompanied by live visuals by Peter Larsson.

The other act is Pets or Food, who will release their debut LP No Romantik on Rev/Vega + Rundgång Rekords this fall. No Punk Post Wave and cold refreshments!