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  • 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Time: 19.00
Free admission

Saralunden is musician and artist Sara Lundén. Her musical output draws its influences from genres such as disco, schlager music, chanson, electronica and minimal wave. On her new album, HMS Plays Saralunden (Shiny Ass Records), made in collaboration with musician and film maker Henry Moore Selder, the darker synth-based sound gives way to a more summery feel influenced by latin, pop and psychedelia. The album is produced and arranged by Selder and contributing artists are, among others, Goran Kajfeš and Jimi Tenor.

Rock Out is a duo consisting of Henry Moore Selder on turntable and Niklas Korsell on drums – occasionally joined by Ida Lundén on keyboard. It is enticing improvised music somewhere in between free form jazz and punk. They are currently working on completing their second album in collaboration with Kalligrammofon.

Kalligrammofon is a label for pop music, experimental music and experimental pop music. Established in 2006 and based in Malmö, with a catalogue including works by e.g. Testbild!, Death And Vanilla and Viktor Sjöberg.

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