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  • 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016
Time: 7 pm
Free admission

Kosmisk Väg and KRETS celebrate the invasion of summer with synthesizers, drum machines and guitars. We also celebrate the release of their new cassette tape by Erik Levander, as well as a new tape by Body Awareness. Distro and live music by:

Daniel Hedman
Lives in Malmö and will play basic electronic music with drum machine and synthesizers, around 120 BPM.

Since the debute on Kosmisk Väg a few years ago, DGK has abandoned the guitar. Instead of guitar: drum machine and synthesizers!

Foxy Music
With an out-of-body connection to one half of the cosmic duo Skeppet, Foxy Music will, if the vibes are right, grant us the honor of performing, parts of a future concept album: Everyday Blues/Blues Everyday.

Excerpt from a review of the debute cassette tape, released a few years ago by Kosmisk Väg: “Foxy Music brings you sounds reminiscent of The Durutti Column, but closer to the delicacy of Italian ambient music, and far away from the tracks’ Swedish titles (Smutsiga gator, Björkudden, etc.).” – Nya Upplagan 079, June 2013

Body Awareness
The other half of Skeppet appears this evening in the shape of Body Awareness. On the new cassette tape The Awakening, recently released by the American label Not Not Fun, synthesizer mantras merge with birdsong and the sound of waves. “These are less songs than closed-circuit inductions of restrained psychedelia, utopian explorations of stationary movement”, according to the record label. With drum machines, cassette tapes and synthesizers, Body Awareness invites the audience to a collective search for inner peace.

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