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  • 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Time: 12–5 PM

One of the benefits of running an artists’ museum is that we can challenge museological conventions and try out new ideas for what museums can be. Our focus has been on proposing new methods of collecting, conserving and exhibiting, but after more than a decade we have even become curious about museum shops and cafés. How would artists transform these common parts of the museum? In Chapter 4 of Whose Museum x KRETS, we have invited artists ieke Trinks and Louise Waite to present alternatives from their individual practices. They will perform the sharing of goods within the exhibition setting, emphasizing the social experience of exchange rather than the commercial. The artists contribute new additions to the year-long exhibition, which features traces from previous chapters by Max Ockborn (Chapter 1), Alanna Lynch and Maria Wæhrens (Chapter 2), Transnational Queer Underground and Tom or Judy Moore (Chapter 3), alongside a new display of works on paper from the Whose Museum collection.

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