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  • 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Time: 15.00
Free admission

Through cinematic instrumentalism, Lymland creates music that seem both timeless and contemporary. After their debut album Ensamtidsroman from 2012 the tunes have become longer, the courage to experiment stronger and the emotions deeper, while everything is still performed with light subtlety. The result is a futuristic playfullness with nostalgic undertones.

The music on the new album Rymdar has no lyrics. It is created with a sketchiness and simplicity that gives space for the listeners to create their own stories, based on the poetic song titles.

Lymland is Sonja Perander and Jerker Kaj. At KRETS they are accompanied by Jens Löfkvist on trumpet.

Thanks to Folkuniversitetet.