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  • 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Time: 2–3.30 PM
Free admission

× Maria Hedlund
× Ida Börjel
× Carl Lindh
× Magnus Thierfelder

Maria Hedlund talks about her work with Hyttödammen, a project whose point of departure is a collection of insects from the early 1960s. Together with Some Kind of Knowledge and Dissolve, Hyttödammen forms a triptych of books that revolve around collecting, registering, and categorizing – but also around the states of transition and the shifting of layers of time and narrative. Reading from the book Hyttödammen by the poet Ida Börjel.

A listening exercise called Ten sheets of paper will be led by Carl Lindh, Magnus Thierfelder and Matilda Plöjel, together with seven volunteers. An exploration of the material and immaterial aspects of a book, and at the same time a book production in real-time.

*This event is part of Sailing the seven seas – a collaboration with Sailor Press, who celebrates seven years of making and publishing art books, with an anniversary exhibition at KRETS (February 10 – March 11, 2018). Read more here.