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  • 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013
Time: 19.00
Free admission

Improvised music for three guitars to a breathtaking family movie from 1963!

Wanting to vanish into the strangeness of old television, I watched an episode of Lassie. A TV series featuring a dog in the starring role enforced an unusual regime upon its makers. Dialogue was absent for long periods of screen time, or substituted by barks, growls and other animal sounds. Narrative drama could only be constructed of shots of the dog (ignorant of its role in a story) running or barking, so laying bare the construction of narrative coherence through editing. Directed only in the broadest sense, the coherence of that drama, along with its emotional impact, necessitated an unusually heavy dependence on music…” – David Toop, from Exotica

HALStER is a guitar-based trio from Malmö, playing freely improvised music. The group members are Anders Lindsjö, Mattias Nihlén and Adam Persson. With acoustic, electric and prepared guitars, they have performed dynamic and intense improvisations since 2008.

HALStER has often collaborated with other improvisers, such as saxophonist Martin Küchen and guitarist Eugene Chadbourne, and performed numerous times in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

In 2013 their vinyl Nej, leta i ateljén … Mats Ekestam was released on Solförmörkelse Records.

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