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  • 2008

Onsdag 11 juni, 2008
DJs: Gnu & Do the Math
Tid: 19-22
Fri entré

KRETS håller sommarstängt från och med denna söndag, men vi bjuder ändå på lite livemusik. Först ut är RENE SG från Nederländerna, som spelar vansinnigt korta och intensiva låtar. Själva presenterar de sig såhär:

A mix of Mondrian and Ramones. Fuck You, Fucking Hell, To Hell With You and Go Fuck Yourself. Titles of one-liner short songs to be played loud in space and close to the audience. Pogoparty, intellectual design. Rene Kaptyn, singer/songwriter for RENE SG, studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and after his graduation, specialized in his own unique mix of conceptual art and high energy rock’n’roll. 

The band has played over 150 shows in Holland, Belgium and Germany, not only at rock venues but also at galleries and museums, like the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.”