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Torsdag 30 augusti, 2012
Tid: 19.00
Fri entré

Sex sändningar av ren immateriell information, kanaliserade via en värd. Presenterade framför en lokal publik i Malmö, Sverige. Fångade på video för fjärrsyn. Leverantörer/medverkande:

Audun Mortensen, Magic for beginners

FAUX/real, after life: she ded

Femke Herregraven, Offshore shadows and other twilights

Linda Spjut, Turtles all the way down

Martin Kohout, Useless Gestures

Press, skin deep

+ Dj Skype

Lokal presentation:
Torsdag 30 augusti 2012
Malmö, Sverige

Fr.o.m. lördag 1 september 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness a materialization. That means that you will see something appear in space that was not previously there. At first it will appear as a vaporous form, but finally it will be a solid body, which anyone present may feel and handle – and, for example, shake hands with. For this body will be in human shape. It will be a real man or woman – which, I can’t say – but a man or woman without known antecedents. If, however, you demand from me an explanation of the origin of this materialized form – where it comes from, whence the atoms and molecules composing its tissues are derived – I am unable to satisfy you. I am about to produce the phenomenon; if anyone can explain it to me afterward, I shall be very grateful… That is all I have to say.”

Ett projekt av PWR.