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  • 2019

Lördag 28 september, 2019
Tid: 18–00 (stängt dagtid)
Fri entré

It’s Gallery Night in Malmö soon and we’re getting excited to present a full program for you at Whose Museum. The evening will feature ieke Trinks performing the Value Products Shop (6 PM–12 AM), bread servings by Louise Waite, and a multi-sensory taste experience with food cultural historian Sasha Gora (6–9 PM). Plus a special guest performance by musician Jon Collin (9 PM).

Come feel, taste, and digest the Whose Museum collection with the work of Louise Waite who extols the format of the museum café. Alongside the serving of charcoal buns that draw shadows of the collection, the casts and molds used to make the baked goods are shown as well. Visitors can read about the history of the objects while they select replicas to chew on.

By serving soups and sounds, Sasha Gora invites gallery goers to further consider how our senses – beyond taste – inform a food’s flavour. Does it matter how a food sounds? How much does the mouth know without the nose? And can colour trick the tongue

Meanwhile, ieke Trinks joins us to open and activate her Value Products Shop, performing as salesperson for discarded and repurposed found objects. Interacting with the artist as salesperson leads to conversations about the objects’ origins, the raw materials of which they are made, and the labor that goes into these various processes. Will Trinks’ sales pitch itself become your museum souvenir?

At 9 PM experimental guitarist Jon Collin will perform live improvisations using a system of body, mind, breath, strings and electricity.